Development process

SimplyWerx has been involved in the conception, design and implementation of special purpose electronic systems in a variety of application areas, including wireless signalling systems, sensor systems, inertial measurement sensing systems, interactive lighting controls, industrial instrumentation and man-machine interface. We have both standard and custom products in those areas.

SimplyWerx has a broad background of product and system engineering experience in a diversity of applications. Our innovative technical solutions incorporate a wide range of design, verification, and implementation tools and techniques.

SimplyWerx provides total system, product, and circuit design capabilities.


  • Design of electronics hardware systems
  • Design and implementation of software algorithms
  • Electronics product conceptualization and design
  • System architecture and schematic design
  • Printed citcuit board design and layout
  • Design and implementation of embedded firmware
  • Proof-of-concept (POC) prototyping services
  • Small to medium scale production outsourcing management


  • MEMS based inertial measurement solutions
  • Sensor applications and monitoring solutions
  • Interactive LED lighting control
  • Power saving and ultralow powered applications
  • Data fusion algorithms
  • Digital filters and signal processing algorithms
  • C, Java and assembly language programming
  • Embedded microcontroller and processors - MSP430, ARM, Atmel, Microchip
  • Reliability engineering