SimplyWerx has extensive experience and know-how in the following areas:
Interactive LED Lighting

LED lighting systems can be easily integrated with electronic and sensor control systems to provide an "extra" element of interactivity. This allows designers to create ambient lighting that responds to the time-of-day, as well as to the presence and motion of people.

Distributed/Remote Sensors Networking

A typical sensor network comprise of short range wireless communication modules employing industry standard communication protocols e.g. Zigbee, Bluetooth or DASH7; wireless hubs that bridge the wireless network to the Internet or intranet; client-side data access components; and data centre components such as databases, encrypted access, and customized API's.
Wireless Communications

RF technologies provide wireless communications connectivity to systems and devices. Wireless technologies that can be embedded include: 3G/GPRS/GSM wide area modules; 2.4GHz local area wireless modules e.g. Zigbee, Bluetooth, 802.11 (WiFi); sub-1GHz unlicensed local area wireless modules e.g. DASH7 and proprietary protocols; passive RFID as well as active RFID connectivity.
Wired Communications

USB, RS232, RS485, RS422, LVDS and CAN for short and medium range connectivity; Ethernet for connectivity to existing networks; fibre optics for long range high-speed connectivity.
MEMS Inertial Sensors

Low cost MEMS sensors are ideal for embedded and low-powered devices that require shock/impact detection, gesture recognition (tap, shake), orientation measurement, angle measurement, free-fall detection, vibration measurement and analysis.
Environmental Sensors

Embedded environment sensors can provide real-time measurements of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, ambient light levels, wind speed and direction, air pressure, liquid level, flow speed and direction, dissolved oxygen levels, trace chemicals and pH levels.
GPS Integration

Embedded GPS modules provide location awareness to portable devices for applications such as asset tracking, shipping container tracking and general purpose monitoring devices.
Embedded Software

Embedded software/firmware implement algorithms and digital processing filters needed to process sensor data and are used to extract useful information from raw data. Commonly used filters include infinite impulse response (IIR), finite impulse response (FIR), least mean square filters and data fusion filters such as Kalman filters.