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Embedded Software


SimplyWerx has extensive experience and know-how in developing embedded software (firmware) for embedded systems, including embedded software for digital signal processing and the real-time control of devices, based on variety of architectures e.g. MSP430, MIPS, ARM, Atmel AVR and TI DSP's. 

The type of processor chosen depends on application's processing speed, digital signal processing, I/O, and power consumption requirements. For battery-powered remote devices, ultra-lower power interrupt-based firmware, advanced battery-management, processors: MSP430 and ARM-based processors.

Embedded algorithms and software filters are often needed to process sensor data and to extract useful information from raw sensor data. Commonly used filters include infinite impulse response (IIR), finite impulse response (FIR), least mean square filters and data fusion filters such as Kalman filters. More complex embedded systems can benefit from employing embedded operating systems, or real-time operating systems (RTOS). Commonly used RTOS's include Micrium RTOS, eCos, FreeRTOS, Embedded Linux, RTAI, Windows CE, and VxWorks.