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Interactive LED Lighting

LED strips

SimplyWerx has extensive experience designing interactive LED lighting systems. 

With the advent of full colour LED lighting, architects and interior designers now have the option of implementing a wide range of ambient lighting solutions. The advantage of LED lighting over traditional lighting include:
  • Reduced power consumption - LED has significant efficiency advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lighting
  • Extended lifespan - LED lighting systems typically last several times longer than fluorescent lighting systems
  • Full colour control - LED lights can reproduce the full colour spectrum accurately and consistently
  • Flexible brightness control - LED brightness can be controlled accurately, providing even further power savings
  • Robustness - LED strips can be made waterproof, dust-proof and be able to operate reliably in wide temperature ranges
  • Ease of installation without requiring specialized or bulky fixtures
In addition to the cost benefits, LED lighting systems can be easily integrated with electronic and sensor control systems to provide an "extra" element of interactivity. This allows designers to create ambient lighting that responds to the time-of-day, as well as to the presence and motion of people.